About Me

I'm 42, want to have a child, but am without a babydaddy. My boyfriend of three years already has three boys and is not passionate about adding more to his plate of responsibilities. He hasn't ruled it out, but my ticking clock is about to stop. This is my dilemma. What do I do?

The path I'm on feels untrodden and lonely. But I know I am not alone. I know countless other women are out there struggling with this same issue in silence. We delayed having a baby for so long, now the obstacles are even greater than we could've ever imagined. We don't want to give up our dream of being a mother. Medical science and our increasing independence as women makes it possible to do it later and on our own. But society and how we define relationships and families has not caught up. I hope by sharing my story as I embark on this uncharted territory, I can start a discussion about the sometimes harsh realities of chasing motherhood into our 40s.

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